07 July 2011

A Spark of Meaningfulness - abstract

What's the meaning of life? Well, it can't exist without meaning, even if that original meaning is now unrealatable to human consciousness.

Based off the many worlds hypothesis: Imagine every second is the end moment of time.

The Abandonment of Consciousness - abstract

Is consciousness an epiphenomena? What if there was a discovery that reality at its base level is in entropy?  Well, for time to flow both ways, yes, it is. We have the illusion of going fwd. while entropy pulls back, we find ourselves in the moment going consciously fwd.  Look at the hopeless world of the past, consciousness willing to drive each other into death and apparent non-existence. No real hope in local reality of consciousness.  They eventually found psychedelics and some found peace through high rationalization of things.  The problem of free will may have been thought of more often then, because it probably was more of a problem, as in it was more so true back then. -Jeremiah Bilas

06 July 2011

Facebook, Hammer and Sickle

While sitting to write this I find it so easy to select an image posted online to accompany my concept. Facebook is the hammer and sickle of Internet social networking yet we embrace it as if it was democracy. Myspace has failed, yes it may turn itself around by becoming a social network for indie bands; however recent reports show the fact: Myspace was purchased by Specific Media for $35M, just shy of six years after Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation purchased it for $580M.
What made Myspace sink? I believe the lack of control over the visual regulations contributed to the downfall, where as Facebook limits our freedoms.