07 July 2011

A Spark of Meaningfulness - abstract

What's the meaning of life? Well, it can't exist without meaning, even if that original meaning is now unrealatable to human consciousness.

Based off the many worlds hypothesis: Imagine every second is the end moment of time.
So reality is playing out on that time, the present being the end, creating infinity as we move along. So we find ourselves in this world line, our entire life is reduced to 2 Dimensional crease in a block of infinities. Consciousness collects in these creases of compatible world lines.  The realities which support conscious eventually grow together (merge with one another) and manipulate their block of reality infinities.  The cell is formed once again. and the mission to expand continues.

We can also view our reality as the most probable.  We perceive the one world line we happen to be in perhaps because this one somehow was the most statistically random to come up, more frequently.  So you have meaningless random existence, but somehow in that meaningless, meaningful sparks, if enough meaning can coalesce consciousness is born.

I guess a constant in alien (as in non-local realities, or extra dimensional) maths, is that it goes from small to larger.  We need a concept of small to large, some kind of medium ground to start building a communication, because with different mathematical rules, really ridiculous things can exist.

Imagine 1+1=3. That math would be insane, the classical world it would produce, if any.  However, as strange as it may seem, there is evidence that is the math of our non-local reality. It probably wouldn't support consciousness, but perhaps an advanced intelligence with knowledge of manipulating realities, could enter such a reality.
-Jeremiah Bilas

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