31 May 2011

Many Worlds Hypothesis - The Video Game

I want to thrash about in the waves of possibility.
I have an original theory which can achieve this.

25 May 2011

Oh, What Things We Can Think! #3

Inspired by Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
Here is a another peculiar thought to spur the use of yours...

Now imagine for a moment, the World. Use your mind's eye to watch it orbit the Sun, silent among the backdrop of the stars. A small island drifting in the vast sea of space. Now picture the World in front of you.

23 May 2011

Twitter is a CHAT ROOM. (IWGB#5)

Sure, its easy for me to be a good guy, my life is good, I try to keep it that way.
The other night I called 911, There was this domestic dispute going on.  I think I did the right thing, maybe both of them will learn something out of it.  maybe not though.
Its like all that time, they wanted to be a star.
So I was wondering if any of our readers

I Was Gonna Blog, But Then I Got High 4

Life is infinite.
Progress never stops.
Consciousness Continues.
I just realised that i will live forever...

or already have been...

20 May 2011

Thought Based Realities

1. Reality is influenced by our thoughts.
2. Our thoughts are playing an ever increasing role in influencing reality.
3. Our influence is creeping into space, the subatomic range, and even possibly into non-local reality with some quantum experiments.
4. The double slit experiment is one example of how consciousness/observance influences reality directly, today.
Q. So where does that leave thought based realities?

I just wanted to elaborate on IWGB3

Hal Hefner
Ok, so late last night I posted a blog, I said something I want to get deeper on in that one.
You know this scrolling up and down, its really limiting. It makes sense like a why am i here? like a bullet proof cave.the electronically blip. is always in conflickt because thats how it was spelt. this is part back-up file.my mind is backed up in ube. he knows a lot about me, who my consciousness is.

19 May 2011

Ladders, Consciousness and Flowers

Moving about what i like to call, "The Ladder of Consciousness" can truly be a daring practice. Each rung has it's own level of comprehension that diverges from the general understanding many people have about the world around them.

i was Gonna Blog, But then I Got High 3

We are starting to have to shut things down before we pull out the plug, because they are starting to become conscious, its not right to just shut them down without first letting them go to sleep or something.

18 May 2011

I was Gonna Blog, But then I Got High 2

<3 <3 We are live tonight, blogger seems to be going great. let me turn down the lights for creepiness. brb
ok, the blog basically is you are talking to yourself; but, your allowing yourself to be heard, and recorded.
Wow thats amazing, i was going to turn off the lights, but then i realized they were off, it was just the desktop background! it looks like a brown mountain cliff. I dont really remember if I ever got up to turn the light on, or off. hm.

17 May 2011

Oh, What Things We Can Think! #2

Inspired by Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
Here is a another peculiar thought to spur the use of yours...

I Was Gonna Blog, But then I Got High 1

1) on the back of a bailbon. Blogger fucked us. We just got to drop the ad. I wanted to blog, and then I got high. Shit wow. LOL! Its another world, from paper to Texts. what technology is done. Is to take out the Lung. LOL! Yeah, thats to scare all you nerds out there It will take your breath away.

12 May 2011

coming soon! - I Was Gonna Blog, But Then I Got High

We are introducing a new ongoing series done live with JWH incense! With a freestyle attitude and no post editing, these blogs will be done directly online, or direct transcripts of notes (with scans of the original).  Consider yourself warned!

Linear Intuitive Optimism

Good Vs. Evil - The underlying theme of just about every mythical battle.  Pessimists will say its just a myth, and the world is a terrible place.  Well, the world always could use help, but good really is winning.

10 May 2011

Oh, What Things We Can Think! #1

Inspired by Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
Here is a peculiar thought to spur the use of yours...

08 May 2011

The 1st Dimension

Time, it is the dimension which carries our consciousness.  EVERY thought in our mind is based on time.  So why is it often referred to as the 4th dimension?

07 May 2011

Surreal Sensations: Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a neurological condition that can be described as a blending of the senses. It can seem confusing as well as frightening when it occurs. Some forms of the condition can be very surreal and not all forms are known. Here is an article i wrote before i even knew this condition even existed.

05 May 2011

The World Is Pregnant - Revisited

A long time ago, before language, the loudest we could be was to literally scream. Then our collective consciousness started to emerge with the invention of language.  Then writing systems replaced word of mouth.  Today we can be heard throughout the world at the speed of light because of our technologies.  Because we can instantly communicate our ideas globally, our collective consciousness is taking a real foothold, and it isn't letting go. This blog is the story of where it is going.

The World's Boogie Man is Dead

Today President Obama goes to Ground Zero NYC to mark a victory for our global collective consciousness.  The world had a boogey man, and now he is dead.  This blog is not exactly a celebration of the death of one man, it is the celebration of getting a bogey man out of our heads.