23 May 2011

Twitter is a CHAT ROOM. (IWGB#5)

Sure, its easy for me to be a good guy, my life is good, I try to keep it that way.
The other night I called 911, There was this domestic dispute going on.  I think I did the right thing, maybe both of them will learn something out of it.  maybe not though.
Its like all that time, they wanted to be a star.
So I was wondering if any of our readers
would like to start a chat room night?  Please email me at jeremiahbilas  (at)  gmail. com
If they made a movie out of it, and somehow the actually did it right. would be pretty awesome.
There will come a time, "when people will be compelled to talk about it, it will be so absurd." paraphrasing Terrance mckenna . Clink on his name check him out. Novelty theory
Twitter is this really bleeping crazy place, like it your used to facebook, then twitter is like a chat room app, for facebook. Now i kinda understand it, its kinda like jockeying to talk to all these new people at  once, the sensation of moving into a globalized world, the hive is coming into view.  Its like noo, you cant focus on just a few anymore, but ultimately it has to be, perhaps, I dont think im quit there yet to say for sure. NO, its there!
To be remembered as the oldest, thats what we will be like as we transcend biology. Before the paradigm shift, we are alive back then,, now. you see there is a many of position.  Why would they start to question the legality of psychedelia? because it made them think its dangerous. Its like a hack of the mind, but to master a newly found dimension you have to start hacking away at it first to get in. then figure it out, work with it. try to bring back some of that thought.

I told ya'll, this internet, its pretty interesting. And then i poured the perfect glass, only one drop to push it over the top. and then stop.


  1. I'd have to be logged into facebook to see the facebook event

  2. Sorry, the fb memorial day event is over already.