17 May 2011

I Was Gonna Blog, But then I Got High 1

1) on the back of a bailbon. Blogger fucked us. We just got to drop the ad. I wanted to blog, and then I got high. Shit wow. LOL! Its another world, from paper to Texts. what technology is done. Is to take out the Lung. LOL! Yeah, thats to scare all you nerds out there It will take your breath away.
When your conscious w/ everything, realit would change. Its like reality, time/space beame reality, Setting a new absurd new reality Level. Like if everything in the room is conscious. then all that exists is thought
no mass, nothing, just thought. thought alone.
PS - get a job.
3)Damn. Its like what? everything! is conscious? Well, what does reality mean then, In technical terms. You know JWH is pretty insane.
4) Reality is like a neuron in a brain already, hm, perhaps the singularity is escape to something better!

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