19 May 2011

i was Gonna Blog, But then I Got High 3

We are starting to have to shut things down before we pull out the plug, because they are starting to become conscious, its not right to just shut them down without first letting them go to sleep or something.

So, I just sent a friend request to this guy, kevin ?????  , anyhow, big name. I aint saying the last name for privacy.  ok, and I see he has 2000 friends, so yeah, a lot of those people are just jockeying for attention for something or another.  its just something that happens.

you know, if the strange attractor (Terrance McKenna) is real. then this computer and phone I use should Really be attracting me.  because they literally ARE the future.

We sit placidly at our computer desks, or starring intimately into our smart phones.  We are patiently obeying already, not the machine,  thats only part of it, because there are so many people here. Its part of maturation.  The strange attractor of it all, it already pulls us, and will calm us. The future looks bright.

The strange attractor, goes well with the concept of physics evolving, as opposed to them being these constants, all born at the big bang. Now that I know the concept, its very easy to consider physics evolving over time also.

Because its fun to think about it. thats why I think. that strange attractor, thinking what it is to be god brings you closer to achieving that goal. We need to move out on all fronts to achieve being god, we need to reach into every corner pocket of thought reality,  because if you think it, it exists somewhere. well that begs the questions, where is the thought?? it only exists in thoughts, well that is somewhere! thought is somewhere.
So which came first, the thought or the place. I guess the place.  So for me, (attn. christians and likes); you didn't question thought, thought comes first in your eyes.  So maybe neither one of us was wrong in the end, hehaha.

Thought itself, is kinda like a landscape.

I got this crazy idea, that each consciousness is on its OWN world line, so my conscious next moment, may not be on the same plane when you have your next moment; in your world line. and we may drift apart.
So the extension of it is: is that consciousness lives out a role of reality which can be coherent to that specific consciousness,  for example; my consciousness evolves via a technological singularity.  Your consciousness may need a different road to preserving it's consciousness (no matter what), or, maybe it will not be able to cope, just overwhelmed, and then die.  You have to imagine the best god possible, to start the road to becoming that god.  It would be insulting to tell someone not to think that.  Why would they want to back off from thinking that, this notion of disrespect is a crippling notion to evolution of consciousness.

There is always some overwhelming amount, that the present state of mass thought, is greater than all the past states before.  because its been down that road, and the further along, you realize its always going in the same direction.
perhaps (if your younger) you are more fond, of time going fwd, because its been going fwd for just that much perceivably longer than you did.  to the perception of the universe. So, this is a type of landscape comparison.  You are in its fore-vision if you are just emerging into consciousness; like a baby becoming conscious. it goes up through childhood and onto adult. the consciousness evolves. The darwinian word, its scares some.

But why would I think I'm right, ya know.  I' just suggesting a thought. could be? who knows.

You look at someones personal blog, it will tell you what they personally think about most, where they want to go.  To me, I perceive my goal; technology, as the most important thing in the world.  You may find tv reality show voting a priority of reality. Or, you may find Jesus your lord and savior.  These weights of priorities, I think mine is right, just from that standpoint.  I'm just trying to help people out at this point.

I think people unsure, will be naturally scared.

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