20 May 2011

I just wanted to elaborate on IWGB3

Hal Hefner
Ok, so late last night I posted a blog, I said something I want to get deeper on in that one.
You know this scrolling up and down, its really limiting. It makes sense like a why am i here? like a bullet proof cave.the electronically blip. is always in conflickt because thats how it was spelt. this is part back-up file.my mind is backed up in ube. he knows a lot about me, who my consciousness is.

so its like a wrinkle. something really trippy.its so out there. clone bits and shit. thats all it is.ghosts bits.
i told you its like, consciousnes, rules of reality all these things evolving so fast its scary! its like hold on , this is going over drive. thats doesnt mean  stop, becauase thats like oh lets put force back on technology, just so  it could hit us harder when it does push thru.
so like jungleing technology while being high. is crazy!its like you just fucked it all up. when u get high.
so the message is, it gets really scary sometimes. like really!but then what i came here to say is;
that my consciousness plays a role with reality, thought exhists in ever increasing influence over reality! so that is crazy! but awesome! what else could you do at that point. thought, influence increased beyond needing a tool,ha  ha ha! that is pretty close to what its like to transcend consciousness, from the tool aka the body.
cuase think right, today our thoughts manifest into buildings and atomic precision. then in the future it will be through more and more direct thought. the simplification of. we influence now, and we are getting better at it, so its begun, and it will continue to unimaginabe speeds. to say that and know it, its hard to do, mentally.
 so whether we die or not, when it happens , it all doesnt matter. thats just when our consciousness decided to dip out rather than go on. its a lot about the mind,
THIS JUST IN 2:54AM; we just found out last aids IS high right now.

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  1. So to clear it up , Ube is my cat.
    Some of the other stuff that isnt clear, thats probably because it simply ISNT. Art by Hal Hefner artist of Gates, check the link. hope he doesnt mind... i never asked O.O