20 May 2011

Thought Based Realities

1. Reality is influenced by our thoughts.
2. Our thoughts are playing an ever increasing role in influencing reality.
3. Our influence is creeping into space, the subatomic range, and even possibly into non-local reality with some quantum experiments.
4. The double slit experiment is one example of how consciousness/observance influences reality directly, today.
Q. So where does that leave thought based realities?
The answer that its just in your mind, simply isn't good enough anymore.
The growing emergence of thought based realities into the mix.  Perhaps a portal from non-local to local reality?  Not if you ask a materialistic determinist.  I used to be one of those.

I was at the Humanity+ event at Parsons school of design this past weekend (covered on Plus Ultra Tech).  I talked to a great volunteer there (don't know his name, he said he would fb me).  He was into quantum computation, but wearily compared it to finding a glitch in a mario game, which you can exploit.  Yes, I agree.  We are just starting to play with this new way of manipulating the world around us, right now through "glitches", tomorrow we will program it, and then we will just think it.

I hear from futurists that all matter will be infused with intelligence.  How can we possibly maintain as individual consciousnesses at that point?  When I am literally existing inside consciousness.

The concept is unsettling at first, all privacy is totally lost.

So we have this emerging mesh of consciousness, which may or may not be one individual, but will be face to face next to each other.  Plus, thought based reality emerging as an increasing dimension of reality.
Now add on McKenna's theory of evolving physical laws.  Just like we are about to jump from natural biological evolution to manipulating DNA, we will also jump from natural evolution of universal physic laws, to manipulating those laws very intelligently.

Current conclusion: Reality is thought.
-Jeremiah Bilas

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