05 May 2011

The World's Boogie Man is Dead

Today President Obama goes to Ground Zero NYC to mark a victory for our global collective consciousness.  The world had a boogey man, and now he is dead.  This blog is not exactly a celebration of the death of one man, it is the celebration of getting a bogey man out of our heads.

The political implications have already been widely discussed.  Polls show a bump of over 10 points in Obama's approval rating.  But no one appears to be discussing the impact Bin Laden's death will have on our collective consciousness.  The media has only shown it, with the televised street celebrations that erupted on Sunday night.

On April 30th, 2011, if you asked everyone in the world to pick one man to die, the collective answer would be Osama Bin Laden.  He was a hero to a select few, but globally he was clearly enemy number 1.  His infamy reached deep into all corners of the world.  Even in remote areas never to be targeted by his terror group, most still knew of the big bad Osama that threatened the modern world. Many young adults always lived with a bogey man in their head.  How will this effect how we think and act now that he is dead?  The answer is much bigger than Obama securing re-election. This decade long villain is physically dead in our consciousness. That will effect behavior in ways we don't even realize.

We live in a universe which appears to continuously minimize evil. Right now death is a part of life, and in extraordinary situations terminating one life for the collective is actually a way to ease an evil burden.  I do believe in the yin and the yang.  For perception of good, we need to at least realize evil.  For as long as we can trace back, the evils of the world diminish.  Global poverty and violence have always been declining, and such trend will continue until the end of time.  I'm not sure if evil can be completely eradicated, but I do believe it can be reduced to just a faint memory.

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  1. That's a beautiful idea~~~I love the last paragraph!