25 May 2011

Oh, What Things We Can Think! #3

Inspired by Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
Here is a another peculiar thought to spur the use of yours...

Now imagine for a moment, the World. Use your mind's eye to watch it orbit the Sun, silent among the backdrop of the stars. A small island drifting in the vast sea of space. Now picture the World in front of you. Allow the sensation of vertigo wash over while the mind bending enormity that is the Earth whirls about the cosmos. Take in all of it's realness; the clouds, the mountains, the jungles teaming with life, the rivers and streams, the oceans and the African planes, the deserts, the cities and streets, every single person going about their business's completely naive of the affairs of the Universe. In short, you must Realize The Entire World. Now once you can do that, shrink the whole mess down to the size of a soccer ball. This is where things get "weird".

In an adjacent universe there is a museum that houses 23 variant earths. All of them roughly the size of a soccer ball and neatly placed on display. Every single one exists in real time. Each unaware of the invisible world around them. In this museum people casually walk by glancing at these multiple earths. Some wonder if they too are being watched from a reality hidden to them by the blanket of mystery that surrounds all of possible creation.

One truth of existence many people don't realise is the surreal possibility for variety in which life might assume.

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