18 May 2011

I was Gonna Blog, But then I Got High 2

<3 <3 We are live tonight, blogger seems to be going great. let me turn down the lights for creepiness. brb
ok, the blog basically is you are talking to yourself; but, your allowing yourself to be heard, and recorded.
Wow thats amazing, i was going to turn off the lights, but then i realized they were off, it was just the desktop background! it looks like a brown mountain cliff. I dont really remember if I ever got up to turn the light on, or off. hm.

I recorded a LOT of written notes tonight, I must upload, at least in image form.
But the odd thing is! just because they are fallowing me, doesnt mean they are
Can it be a metaphor and be an exact description at the same time?

oh word I just bought the url ultraweekend.net , it just redirects to this blogger. but so much easier to say. that, and .info , but .info doesnt really do much, its too unpopular still. i got it cause it was dirt cheap, until i found the deal on .net, total was under $4 for both for a year.

Had some second thoughts on facebook as our baby, it only makes sense if evolution in every corner of reality is accelerating, thus our baby is developing now so fast its changing faster than we are, how could we ever stop it? we cant, and our baby facebook may evolve into something more blog like.  where processing time vs work load had such downtime that everyone could do a blog, and to have one, made you socially acceptable. this is why the baby bursts out from within, always,... apparently.

I did theorize just tonight, that sexual copulation is natures' most desperate clash, at merging of consciousnesses.  like a hammer smashing on a glass, trying to break through. we have never done it yet, perhaps if we think just for one moment EXACTLY alike. then we will know, moments when you happen to think exactly as the collective, otherwise you are on the fringe, and thus your reality chances are weakened, like a probable electron cloud.  this consciousness variance may bounces like waves until it settles as one, that will be a clear sheet of glass like water. waiting for the next drop.

Ive just decided to add my personal picture to this blog, because i simply havent done that yet, not here, not on twitter, only facebook. so Here Goes.

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  1. ok, 2nd botch of lines, 2nd line, 2nd take: [[!FLASH!] the "they" i am referring to are the "spam" followers on twitter. just because they follow me and they ARE spamming, doesn't mean they aren't actually following me for personal entertainment also, who knows? It leaves a large loop hole in reality. I use marketing tools to try to pitch to interesting labels; such as JWH, space giraffe, stuff like that.