24 May 2011



So, I'm blogging away here in the atmosphere of the internet.

You know people just want to talk about how society today is so focused on shopping. They forget what societies revolved around before that was our prime past time.  Hunting/gathering, duh!

So my shoe lace keeps going untied, I'm about to drop a glue on that knot.

Theres more of a who cares attitude as it emerges into a collective whole.  but its just has to be, because everything is relative.  How well you integrate into society, then you will be more likely remembered. because we are talking about a collective whole.
ahh man, every day goes by, I'm starting to loose track, I dunno.
Its just a whisper.

Theres an interesting decision to be made at the end of a line. do you hit space, return. Or just return?
This is something they feed to the high.

So where do I go? So how did science win? as the mode of acceptance.
It just was the most modern concept that the public could accept as a whole. It evolved after faith, I'm not trying to say faith is completely lost, it exists to a degree of possibility. which is something.

So, I'm going over to Humanity+.org , check em out, become a member tell em that I sent you.  I remember this one speaker at the last H+ conferece, she did a video cgi, pretty good.  "cool seekers", I'm not sure if thats what its called.  Pretty cool though, these humanoids in the future, their existence was to shift through the internet finding the cool stuff.

Until next time, check this vid I just found. It has its moments. If she was really talking to a future self collective, then the answers were tailored for her mind state.

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