02 August 2011

Wood has reached Singularity.

During a late afternoon stoll through the park with my friend we discovered the significance of the wood panels on a park building. We realized the wood itself had already reached a tremendous singularity.

The wood had experienced an intelligence beyond its capacity immortalize pieces of its body into this work of man.  This concept may even be extended to include rocks in a road, to helium in a balloon.

However, the tree does not experience thought. Or does it?  In the plant world, trees rule the earth.  They reach tall and their leaves reach out collecting all these whispers of reality blowing in the wind.  Are they sensing the global consciousness?  Did our biological evolution leave hair on our head for a similar purpose?,  a type of wireless communications, an antenna as in the film Metropia.  Maybe that is why I secretly desire to shave my head, even though I think it would look terrible.

We ourselves are now on the cusp of a Technological Singularity, primarily driven by our own hands.  As I reconsider the 6 Epochs of Knowledge, I realize that the final epoch is outside of its time, from all the past 5 epochs; self memory, primal communications, drawing, spoken language, and writing systems. None have happened at a pace fast enough for consciousness to occur.  For the first time ever, the internet will allow us to communicate information fast enough for a super consciousness to emerge. The internet may already be conscious, but still in an alien dormant state.

One Singularity surprise may be it arising right from under our feet; as our simulations take to themselves.  But fear not, the imprint of man on machine will be inevitable.  We are its origin.
Imagine an interactive game so intricate that it wakes up in its "simulation".  Perhaps fueled by the conscious observer who playing the video game (or multiple conscious players; MMO).  This is just one reason I have conceived the quantum video game.  To introduce the quantum "random" aspect to an experience which consciousness may directly influence and evolve.  With practice, a trained observer may collapse the quantum random bits with ever increasing conscious intent.

-Jeremiah Bilas

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