08 September 2011

Obama2012 Augment Reality Jobs Plan?

It was a real sudden cramp to deal with; the summer had ended the day after labor day.  The emotional impact of the temperature drop, accompanied with clouds and dark peaceful drenching rain.  I just have to get up...

The wax and wane of global powers, ours on decline.  I don't blame this administration, nor the previous. I perceive the United States and many other 1st world nations on a natural downward slide. All of the national powers swing in their balance and eventually settle amongst themselves. At the moment the world view appears to be in a more balanced state than previously; ex. extreme poverty levels are decreasing, IQ rising (Flynn effect).  But we as a people need to use our tools to function better as a collective.  Technology must be part of the answer.  It has always increased our communication abilities.

National Augmented Reality Program (working title), clearly designed by a "liberal"-myself - The plan is to mandate Augmented Reality (AR) at local government job levels, and then on the federal job levels, and then ultimately government rebates for Augmented Reality glasses/contacts.  Imagine; augmented reality glasses may update cops immediately of a missing child with his/her picture.  Fire fighters will be able to see heads up displays showing what other teammates see and a GPS location of their whereabouts. There will also be many AR applications for more everyday tasks too.  Imagine retina navigation integrated with screens, many office jobs could increase productivity vastly. The next phase of Augmented Reality is to then turn it into a social (or solo) game.  Real world labor tasks will be transformed into games. Imagine Farmville AR with real life revenues.

People using (and being used by) technology. Technology/People - In this mutualistic relationship, each will grow fonder of one another.  Technology comforts our existence, saves our lives, and eases our chores.  We in turn give technology increased technical and mechanical abilities, help drive its existence. We are the core of what technology is.

President Obama and GOP 2012 hopeful Jon Huntsman
President Obama came into office with plans to change the divisiveness in Washington.  When he finally won, a black progressive in the White House made the right go bat shit crazy, which has led us to one of the most divided times that I can remember.  It has gotten so out of control in US politics that many Americans have been trained to be rabid fans of their political affiliation, ready to turn a blind eye to any sensible criticism.  I helped put President Obama into office in 2008.  This time around I've been backstabbed when the Public Option wasn't in the final Health Care [Insurance] Reform Bill, and then again on the Bush Tax Cuts extension.  While on the other side of the isle (with the exception of Jon Hunstman), the GOP field has proven, to me, to be very dishonest when talking about themselves.  

I don't think Republicans would be open to any AR program, unless we had another attack and needed to ramp up security.  No matter how cheap, the costs would be intolerable to the tea party.  

PS- @Mitt_Romney,
Yes, we do live in a smart phone world, but what if we mandated smart phones for certain state, or federal jobs?  We could have done this a few years ago, would it have benefited us enough to be worth the price?  Social Augmented Reality is the next big thing, and will be intimately linked to our smart phones.  It's going to enhance us a lot more than even smart phones did.

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