23 April 2012

2012 Singularity Prediction: Augmented Reality induces mass psychedelic wholistic experience

Ver. .01 AR - a revolution in interfacing directly with the collective consciousness. - The world is Pregnant 2012 The late trees in front of my house. I feel I made my peace with them. Late in their life I would hope their leaves could hear my spoken words vibrating the air as I said prayers to them. hoping it would be passed along, perhaps in the quantum complexity of the atmosphere blowing. They had witnessed such a large part of my life. Even physical attacks involving a flat shovel as a child.  Then the city cut them down. When I looked out that window again, it was just me and the universe -me speaking from earth. ”I come in peace”, was the first thing I could say. ”And I hope you do too.”, was my prayer. Would they treat us like gods? Which I like to believe; intelligence > consciousness > benevolence. I believe they grow together. The segments of these collective consciousness: from nations, to online ”walled gardens”, to sports fans, to the top of my fridge, where there's only one small bottle left. I had watched a vitamin/alcohol bottle environment. I rooted for the vitamins to overtake the alcohol. this influencing my health in the process. The vitamin won out because they left that fridge top. Like man's destiny. A race to space, or inner space, or wherever.  For them reality was on the back of a fridge. They now bounce around in a travel bag that goes where ever I go. The pills bouncing around, containing information of a whole, or alien consciousness which was always right in front of my eyes. These segments of the whole, Are they like different parts of our human brain. As suggested by Terence McKenna, the world is made of language.  Our collective consciousness collapsing reality with larger scope of vision, or impact than us individually. Reality is language. The power of payers. Singing reality into existence.  Augmented reality Will bring us digitally synthesized synethesia. What? Recap, see terence mckenna's ”stoned ape theory”.  AR will first put spoken word to text bubble in real time, sing a song and a karaoke theme HUD comes into your vision to help you out.  A company computer listens in on a banker speaking with a customer. The AR guiding the words they say, visually and/or audibly. Visions may be shared with other users who are there to experience it through AR. Mind reading technology is exploding. I'm betting the frames and earphones on the "magic glasses" will naturally provide enough contact with the skull for speaking images and conveying thought in multiple intimate ways. all senses/new senses possible? We speak our AR world into existence, would we embrace it with such reality that a transcension naturally happens? Does the real world follow?  Pediction: 1billion Facebook users by December 2012. Plug them into AR.  How will it feel to be so connected. I choose Facebook as an example because it is the most complete collective communication device we ever created. Twitter, and the Internet as a whole are interesting to consider also.  The world is pregnant-mass noetic experience Gaia (mother earth, mind of the planet) is always interpreted as motherly/feminine, when I felt my connection to this emerging collective consciousness it was us giving birth to ourselves. The birth of Jesus Christ.  He wasn't born out a virgin womb. He was born out of a thigh wound. See Dionisus and the Druze faith (Islam) for clues to this spectacularly scientifically plausible event. It doesn't contain any mystical, offensive virgin birth! It could happen. I imagine a love so profound; to drive someone to do a primitive c-section on a fresh dead mother, and to insert into your thigh, to be born again a (month) later, out of the father. A false alarm of sorts, with the impression of a Male, two combined hosts, producing a conscious human now 2 dimensions of consciousness (the mother, and surrogate father) to draw from. Is this the essence of a new dimension, a 2nd dimension of perceptions. What effect did this have on the child? Think inherited intelligence as seen In elephants.  A conscience, a Buddha, may have emerged. Seeing himself reborn, of course that being future tense, the second coming of Christ he proclaimed. he was going to be reborn when this collective consciousness fully emerges.  Prediction: mass noetic experience AR will bring us close enough to Social Networks to induce a wholistic connection perhaps as a mass noetic experience. Edgar mitchell: went to space as an Apollo astronaut, to look back at earth, he realized something beyond scientific knowledge, he felt a connection to the universe as a whole. It was so profound it led him to create the Institute of Noetic Science IONS. This wholistic experience happens on all astronauts. It also has occurred under psychoactive drugs.  30steps: also goes to Space also... via ”herbal smoke blend”. He feels a wholistic experience, a connection to a collective consciousness while using Facebook on an HTC Credo Mobile smart phone. To me, a grown man, it felt like pregnancy. It's essence is femininity. Does that imply The male essence coming to an end?  Augmented Reality will connect us in very profound ways. I'm telling you now, there is a global brain, and we are connected to it as intimately as a mother to child. and it's growing fast.  AR 2012-enter the feminine stage  This stage will be much shorter lived, as chartable on exponential world event graphs. about 20 years later give rise to the merger of all consciousness in an even larger paradigm shift we know of as: the Singularity, the birthing process complete. Circa 2045.

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