30 June 2014

The Mind in an Open Box...

My father once asked me what i thought the greatest thing among all known existence was and for a moment, i was unsure. I imagined dazzling technologies, strange phenomenons of nature, bizarre intelligent creatures living across the stars... and then it hit me...
The greatest thing in all The Universe is Consciousness. Why? Because it is unbound by Space and Time.

The Conscious experience is each our own. We exist within the confines of our physical limitations of the known senses, but from time to time our experience extends beyond their boundaries. Here are two examples...

1. Precognition... A little odd phenomenon that occurs where a person is able to see events that have not yet occurred pertaining to their own lives or others. What does it show? Our bodies are bound by our perceptual limitations of time, our Consciousness is not.

2. Remote viewing... Another strange phenomenon where a person will be able to gather information about a person/place/or thing that is hidden from sight or all 5 senses. Sometimes by vast distances. So what does it prove? Our bodies are bound by the physical limitations of our spacial awareness, our Consciousness is not.

Now this begins to paint a peculiar picture about the nature of reality and how we really are connected to the rest of The Universe and each other. What other faculties of consciousness exist that we normally don't experience? How many natural senses are there? What are the ramifications of these phenomenons occurring within artificial intelligence experiencing consciousness?

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