17 January 2014

This Is Real Life, Happy Birthday!

                                The strangeness of the world lies within its wilderness...

On one cool summers eve, I had come to realize the unnerving high strangeness of the entire world... Reality ( for lack of a better phrase and besides the fact that I like mushrooms! ) is sincerely "fucked up". Not only because the poor remain hungry world wide. Not because the rain forests are being cut down or that our homeless roam the city streets. Not even because the economy fails like clock work every other generation or how our brothers die in wars which have underlying profits. No, these troubles can be treated with a shift in world mentality. The true reasons as to why the world is fucked up lie within a wilderness of phenomena that cannot be helped.


Aliens, Spirits, Creatures out of space and time (oh my!) have been drawn, painted, and carved into every ancient human culture from around the globe. Throughout history sightings and interactions with other worldly beings have been documented... WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!? How does this make sense in the reality we have been brought up to understand? Are there creatures like us living out on other planets across the universe? What of spirits? Are there extraterrestrial ghoulish nightmares zipping about the cosmos, spooking the hell out of derelict UFOs!? I have seen an alien aircraft 3 times in my life and i have had the unfortunate experience of being frightened by a ghost or spirit or Shadow being! or whatever the hell you want to call them. If there IS life out there, what is the probability of it of being haunted (by its deceased or other worldly patrons)  in deep space? Like how people have been experiencing HERE for more than a MILLENNIA. What are the ramifications of this on a universal scale? If there is an afterlife, is it full of E.T.'s from Uranus? Shhh. Don't answer that.

                                             Grandma! Such bright lights you have! NO.
                                                               Do not beam me up.

Good & Evil:

Perhaps the greatest torment of forces across all of time. The never ending battles between Good and Evil have been romanticized in tales of hero's and villains in all cultures from around the world.

                            I guess fig leaves are SO first GENESIS... wait, is there a second?
                                                                       I forget :/

Meet Nicklewise... a sadistic homicidal maniac serial killer bastard of the human race... still at large. This is his murder pit where he plays out perverse fantasies on his victims with sickening glee. Okay, so before you go and lose your marbles over this bane of everything keen with your self existence, know that this is a little photo shopped (i severely hope) diddy i found off the net, but this picture demonstrates the idea of the very real/twistedly vile sickness of those who get there rocks off mercilessly killing people and putting it out there for the rest of us to see. With "wacka doos" like this running around out there you may want to keep yourself locked in your home until the next coming of our lord and savior, "...your guess is as good as mine".

Hmm I feel like i should share this...

I once had a dream so real it made me question the "reality" of waking life. In this dream I had witnessed the grave savagery of man against his brother in such unrelenting detail. It was kind of like watching a home movie of puppies, kittens and jigglly puffs ALL tossed (starving AND on meth) into a wet nap sack which was then itself hurled gracefully into traffic where every car was on fire, full of the damned souls condemned on a one way trip to hell. REALLY, but not really. It was worse. The content of which I will never mention. Ever. I find that you can forgive almost anyone when you realize the extent of personal circumstance. However... some people can be EVIL and few i believe should be burned to ash by powers greater than the sum of a thousand eternal stars. BOOM.

Do not fret though my friends! As much insanity (in disregard to life) there is around this soggy nut we call home, there remains greatness to behold from one end of the earth to the other. We just have to show the same amount of diligence, will power and true grit against Its enemies... our selves 0.0 This is why I leave you with the greatest speech in History (above genius). Hmm y'know...i think one day we might actually achieve, "the keys to the kingdom". Maybe the flaming sword will sheath and allow us back into Eden. Or perhaps we'll just make it on our own... or Die trying... BOOM.

Life. Time. Yours and Mine. We all live through this insane adventure of surreal nature together, yet... we travel on the path of our own objective journey. Some of us see the tinge of oddness about the world, but most i imagine see only whats on the surface. Others sadly... Not Even That. Whatever the hell that means!... so many strange things happen deep within the wilderness of the world. Its hard to get a grip once you realize how bizarre things really are. Its sort of like saying a word a number of times to yourself and it loses its meaning. However in terms of universal existence... things seem to become a little unreal. They unravel. They change. Zap! But why care!? Hmm... I don't know honestly, but i do know that the TRUTH of reality exists beyond the veil of what is taken for social norms and concerns. It extends farther than the fruits of the 9 to 5 and what you can accomplish by being bottle necked into what little time we do have to experience it. Life. Time. Yours and Mine.

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