28 February 2014

Lets Reach The River Bank!

Time ( much like a river ) seems to flow in one direction...
Going against the current can sometimes be nearly impossible!
But instead of paddling with or against its natural flow, why not just try to step out of the water entirely?

Below is strange drawing from an odd thought i had about the flow of time and what future technologies may enable us to do way down the line... or sooner than we think?

                                        Gah! Sorry for the Split image! Oooh Deal with it!

The drawing above demonstrates the idea of advanced civilizations ( represented as shapes; Circle, Triangle, Square ) with the technological prowess to move about our naturally perceived flow of time; Some travel along with it, others attempt to go against its "current" while few step out of the flow ( Dimensions of Time ) and "break" into Alternate Universes. One even manages to reach a position out of Space and Time. A place i like to call "The Grand Perspective". More on that eventually...

One of the strangest and most intriguing mysteries about the universe is our linear perception of time. We live, we die, the seasons change, The Sun rises and it sets. Everything we know follows a seemingly forward track from the past to the present and into the future. However perhaps technology will solve this strange linear view of such an odd dimension and open up a plethora of intriguing avenues for us to explore. Perhaps it already has for others that have come before us... and after...

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