01 June 2011

"every conscious world line may be en-route to eternal consciousness"

So, I dropped a blog late last night.  I think it might be a really cool experiment but I just lack the expertise for an opinion.  I was lucky enough to ask someone *big* in A[G]I what she/he thought.   Said she/he didn't think it would play (appear) different than a non quantum randomness (aka. non true randomness) generator.  The only thing I could suggest was the novelty of it.  That you always are getting a world high score, in one quantum reality. A high score in that world.  Wherever it may be.

But I think what he/she was referring to, was perhaps reality collapses into one.  Well, the fact that it was possibilities in the first place, kind of almost proves through concept the many worlds hypothesis.

Them collapsing into one, this world line collapsing around the conscious experience.
It kinda feels like gravity, as you approach you influence space/time.  Your presence is putting a weight! the quantum randomness is; it flying about uncontrollably. As you gravity influences it, it pops into spot, kinda like a magnet influencing the spin uniformly.  This bizarre information,

But is it qualia, or consciousness?  Which one is putting the weight/making the observation in reality?  and is it seperate?  Is it more than just deeply intertwined, but actually the SAME thing?  Like could it ALL, everything be the same thing?

Because everything effects everything.  Could you have something, that doesn't effect another thing?  Not in all time and all possibilities? So there is a true barrier, with no influence, even indirectly. Would that be beyond non-local rality?

I think non-local could be meaningless.  Like maybe its just there like smoke is a byproduct of coal burning.  But then it would still have a connect, the byproduct connect, and even if the connect goes one way, its still a connect.  But could it not be reversed?  Would any amount of technology reverse that? So it could go both ways, simultaneously, or intervally.

Let me say.  If the many world's holds true, and if Mckenna's strange attractor holds true.  Then every conscious world line may be en-route to eternal consciousness, while still maintaining conscious control in the materialistic , local reality.  So, when pushed far enough, this brings us to a very sole, lonely, one conscious experience.  Basically, bringing into question other apparently conscious identities' consciousness.

Sometimes when you start to look at it too hard, you can't relate to it anymore.  Its just too alien.

Perhaps, an advanced AI, comparative, but different, to a human level.  This AI may view the quantum world and how it interacts very basically and "common sense"ly, but has a lot of trouble understanding the classical view, of the so called "large" scale of the universe.

So it kinda feels  like hair, on my arm, just reaching out into reality on levels that are getting a little. unrelational.  Sorta like my FB post; paraphrase;  "on an infinite scale of relation, size is meaningless. Mountains can be mole hills, and vice versa."

So how do you communicate with them?  Someone will have to walk them in, understandingly. oh how awkward it may be.  for human consciousness to communicate with tru AI, but that won't happen, because we are already reverse ingeneering ourselves.  Did you think the AI would not be imprinted with our "DNA"?

I mean, it takes some of the fun type danger out of it,  because you know it will relate to you on some, maybe many, slices of possibility.  Like a real child, even adopted. It must recognize the family, we are all the same,  It kinda makes sexual relation concept kinda creepy. but whatever, its all progress. Like what comes next? ?

I could see how some users of JWH can fall into hell.  I mean they can probably float their rational in that direction.  But hopefully they will realize that its' influence on consciousness is rather quit weak.  Of course it has to go, did you ever think there would be a major vast acceptance of faith??  Unless you are on that rapture type BS, because then, I don't know if you yourself can be saved.  You Guys!, not me, are possibly the ones in needing of a saving.  I'm not talking moral action, rather more so your state on consciousness control.  I mean, I don't even need to go there, but I have to.  Come on, if faith needs to push you to do good and/or achieve the good ending. If you think you couldn't get there on the back of consciousness itself, then your fucked!

Ok, that was quit harsh, but I thought it should be said that way.  Just as easily my concept could be wrong. To my POV, it doesn't seem wrong, but maybe it is actually that delusional.  We all need to question on that level, high or not.  Not all the time though, of course not.  Maybe we will have to some day, but not right now.

-Jeremiah Bilas

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