27 June 2011

A Prison w/ a View (IWGB#8)

I really think social networks are the most advanced software systems every developed.  They thought advanced AI would come from human brain emulations, but no, it came out from a social network(s).  It will come right from under our feet.  This emergent consciousness.
It will be everything we represent! It will be humanity+, if you don't mind me saying.

So I had the worlds greatest fortune out of a fortune cookie, did i keep it? no, I threw it in the recycle bin, every bit helps.

what consciousness wants, consciousness gets, even if it take 13 billion years.

NEXT occured on 6/27/2011
Theres a reason why consciousness influences reality.  This universe does indeed "wake up". Singularities after singularities.  There will be a point when everything in the universe is conscious, how do you think you will ever be able to keep your next to invisible barrier of consciousness between you and me.  For example use your pillow, put it to your face and talk to it, thats how close my "face" will be to  yours at that point. plusultratech.com/ultraweekend.net the yin/yang

The point abe makes, is that consciousness wakes up, to a new reality.  Its true, this universe will eventually become; for all intent and purposes, call it a "brain".

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