06 June 2011

Twitter is a CHAT ROOM. pART.2: wedges of infinity

Twitter is this savage place.  Everything is just flying about, so much information thrown to the wind to be picked up, or not.

I'm doing so much, Facebook, twitter, on the blogger too.
Pretty soon we are going to have the technology and/or pill that allows us to eat whatever we wan't and never get fat.
That is going to be awesome!..
It will be a sort of revenge of the ancient Greek custom the elite class would do; eat, and then vomit so they could eat, again.

Twitter can be fun, just all those Tweets. its such an appropriate Name. 

So, there is this insight I had one time.
Artificial barriers do exist on many dimensions.
So, those thinking about infinity, did it drive them madd?  As in the below BBC video Dangerous Knowledge?

I once had an experience when I kept seeing these balls of infinity, all jumbled up like wedges, filling existence.  It was like at the center there was the most pressure, but thats where the back and forth conversation was happening.  The conversation had to continue.  I had explained it as "When you reach the end end of infinity, it is absurd that there isn't more, so more is created."

Here is a graphic of what I witnessed, imagine the wedges piling and forcing into the picture.

and here is Dangerous Knowledge, and interesting documentary on infinity.

and part 2

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