20 June 2011

I was gonna blog, but then I got high 8ball

We really need a new emergency 911 response.
Something that is embedded into us so alerts will be sent out as soon as such traumatic response occurs.
Sure they read at least some. But what do we do?

So why? why would someone be scared to be high. This initially felt so bizarre. But right now, I'm not that high.  But it can just come, last time I felt like the air was so thick, the it was about 2 feet from me that actual air began,  this like aura of thick mucky air. kinda like being two feet under water.  And then I looked out the window at the street below, it started to look 2D, like a 2D background from a fighter; say World Heroes.
So it was hard to keep imagining what it all meant.  Realities rules break down then, I'm glad to say, my relationship with the computer is well.  Thank you.

As I sit in this dark room, the glow of the 26" Costco monitor.  and the LED light keyboard set to BLUE! Its cool, its like the computer is what exists most in my qualia's perception. Establishing its presence in this decoherenced universe I perceive.

Wow, I think I need to slow  down... So I know, coming here to try to connect that link to the technologies, the internet and computer.

Wow, before it had felt like I popped my neck bone. It was kinda scary.  But I have to realize that Im actually ok.

I once was in this accident, back seat passenger.  passed out drunk.  I tried to tell them to sleep in the car, but was too drunk to physically get involved.  So, they drive.  The driver crashes on the NJ Turnpike, Im not waking up, the other two are awake and flipping out over the incident.  Eventually I come re-animated. I get up start walking away.  I don't even remember bits and parts of this, this is what I was repeatedly TOLD I had did.  Then When I come to, I'm walking in the divider of the NJ Turnpike, no one behind me , no one ahead of me, just cars.  I just come to, in this walking position and don't know where I came from.  So I start finding the exit numbers and go the way home. Both arms out with thumbs up, walking on the divider, about 20 minutes  then boom, car rolls up with some barely known friends of the friend who just crashed.  I never was treated medically, just staid in bed for an entire weekend with a terrible sore neck and busted ribs.

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