22 June 2011

re-Framing #Reality

Thats what we are doing here in the internet. OK, so pull yourselves together.
This is where it is going, all of it.

And then they say, they never trust machine.  They were very defensive considering they had already lost.

To imagine Kevin Kelly. What he must feel like to be?! He envisions technology as a new life form. Just think how basic that makes it feel to him; still below him, but its rising So quick.
I sit here at this desk, cords affray, going into other hubs, the glowing keyboard.
My keyboard, its HOT, I love my keyboard. It feels like a car. Look at my keyboard, this is what I jump on to ride the intanet!
hold on, sumones at the effin door!

I locked the door, just me and Ube. Check the Twitt pic!
So we are back here just smoking JWH out that black sideways like a 2001' monolith.

So the theory is kinda profound.  The idea that the strange attractor is of a god.  Its what we become, and that higher consciousness we will make ourselves post-singularity. Will be so immense, thats is gravity of possibilities will start affecting the present.  All of a sudden, miracles will start happening out of no where! Even if I try to kill you, my attacks will just be painlessly deflected, neither of us physically capable of harming.   Our technology wont be that advanced yet, but rather the blanket of thought starting to saturate the landscape. A universe of Smart matter, will start clawing back onto the past, in its quest of progress.  Because from their viewpoint it can progress Both ways!

So they stumble upon us, as they sweep the deserts of reality for consciousness.  Like an old brother, or friend, who stumbles up to you and gives you a playful bump.  Its nothing, really soft just a whats up.  Now multiply that to this consciousness taking humanoid form, and walking up to you, pulling out a gun and shooting your head.

That would be their test of if you are worthy of communicating with.  If you cant dodge the bullets and take it as a greeting.
That would be an intolerant consciousness, perhaps we can call it immature.

So onto, There was this legend. The critics are CRAZY to think technology is bad.
There are ninjas today, we don't know about them, because they are just that damn good!

-Jeremiah Bilas

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