22 June 2011

Oh, What Things We Can Think! #6

Inspired by Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
Here is yet another peculiar thought to spur the use of yours...

Now imagine for a moment a world that is as frighteningly real as your own. The only difference is that this particular world is going through it's first Industrial age. Trains span the terrains while Zeppelins fill the sky.
It is an age of an expansion.

One day a small demolition crew had the task of blasting through a cliff side. A railway needed to be built heading toward the west to connect to its female track. The crew strategically placed their dynamite and detonated from across a ridge.

After the explosion the workers began to prepare for clearing out the debris, but after the dust had finally settled they discovered two gigantic eyes peering inward toward the mountain. To the surprise of the workers, the eyes didn't show dirt or rock, but a real life first person perspective of a living human being.

The most alarming aspect of this surreal discovery however was that that the eyes bore witness to a world that was not their own.

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