12 June 2011

I Was Gonna Blog, But Then I Got High #7

I began to see the world through a higher frame of mind which enhanced my perceptions of my surroundings. I held my android in my hand and marveled at it's technology. The touch screen was fluid and responsive. I was connected to the world; Internet, gps, fb. It seemed like such an achievement of man.

Just after a few moments i realised the Soft Hum of the clouds as they passed over my home. The birds outside chirping and the wind blowing through the trees became more distinct. It was nature. The ever advancing technology staying in my hands as nature stood behind me. It almost felt like an ancient truth i had come to understand, but its full meaning was just outside my grasp. Technology...the god of nature? or The nature of god?

At this thought i imagined a being that didn't fit into my understanding of the world. Something that had always existed in a constant state or awareness. Something that was unbound by time and space. Something that had not derived from technology. True Cosmic Power. It gave me the impression of an old wise Ent from Lord of The Rings. It sat in the darkness of a void and glowing from between it's hands was a strange upside down U shaped view of a world.

It was a God in control of the nature of The Universe.

Can there be something outside the realm of which our perceptions can not find? Can there really exist a being who defies all logic?

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