01 June 2011

Oh, What things We can Think! #4

Inspired by Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
Here is yet another peculiar thought to spur the use of yours...

Now imagine for a moment a world where civilization sits on the cusp of venturing out into the cosmos. The colonization of other planets is just within reach. After decades of strife, they have surpassed social and cultural boundaries and survived through four world wars to emerge united. A world ready to step into the future as One global society. Without the petty differences that have divided this world they can now turn their focus on many positive advancements for their society. Various medicines will be available for the sick and weary. Surplus foods will feed the hungry and the needy. Technologies will spread across the globe to usher in a true futuristic era. Peace, it seems would have finally been reached. However just as promising as this world may seem it holds a dark secret.

Shortly after the beginning of the fourth world war the ranking world power had begun conducting seismic experiments in hope to develop a weapon that would force their enemies surrender. They had drilled into the planets surface to attempt manipulation of its tectonic plates, but during the operation an idea arose to drill even deeper to perhaps create burrowing nuclear war heads that would travel underground undetected until detonation. No one was prepared for the mind shattering discovery that awaited them. Just out side the planets core they were met with a layer of earth that had never been witnessed by human eyes. It remarkably resembled the texture of an orange peel.

After a few months of world spread secret excavation, the war was ended. As it would turn out, the planets core was not some molten iron alloy, but a soft juicy orange. Top scientists from all over the planet had come to the conclusion that their reality was the result of a random surreal possibility of the many alternate realities that are proposed to exist. In short, they were an off shoot of a more realistic parallel world. The findings would be kept from the public and a peace treaty was set into motion.

Now with the startling truth hidden away and the One World Society continuing up toward the heavens, the planet is at peace. It is strange however that no one questions the fact that their moon was made entirely out of Swiss cheese.

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