12 June 2011

Peak Into Another Reality...

There is a reality that i come across ever so often under the influence of JWH that invokes such a powerfully profound reaction from me it actually reduces me to tears. I get the impression that this world may be at point zero on the grid of possibilities in which alternate worlds may form. This place seems more real than real compared to our 3rd dimensional reality. A good way to describe the range of motion in this reality would be to compare 8bit graphics to perhaps 128bits. 8bit being our normal state of perception and 128bit being this reality. It is surreal. A place out of time and sense.

For instance, ancient artificial life and communities of giant technologically advanced dinosaurs co-exist in this world. Beasts of unfathomable might lurk just beyond sight, but you can feel them watching you. Beings that i can only describe as "Gods" are born here and reside in the clouds. I can go on about the strangeness that fills each nook and cranny of this bizarre place, but i want to focus on one being in particular that has grabbed my attention. I'm not sure of his origin, but i have a feeling this was not always his home.

My first clear impression of this being was that of an old man sitting in what seemed to be a small outside stone theater. He is a large man with a grey beard (sort of like Santa Claus) with a peculiar brown reddish complexion. Although he is old you can tell he is not without significant strength. He wears faded blue jeans with a black/red plaided shirt.

He sits on the ground, meditating. He listens to the crys of teradactyls flying over head. Behind him is a jungle that has grown over ruins of long forgotten civilizations. Two Suns rest above the clouds while ships the size of mountains randomly pop in and out of existence high above the atmosphere. A water fall near the theater flows into a void then vanishes with out warning. It doesn't phase him. As far as i know nothing in this world does. He just sits there, concentrating.

There was a moment during the first time i saw him where he whispered something. I don't know if it was directed towards me or anyone else that could be watching, but it felt like he knew i was there. He said, "I fight for you...". This is his sole purpose. He fights for all existence on a level that is unreal.

He is the embodiment of good in all Life. In one reality he is a man, weary and aged. In another he is a young knight locked in constant battle with a fierce dragon. In another he is the last surviving ship defending it's world from alien attack. In another he is a woman on a quest to save her daughter. In another he is an old dog protecting it's master from intruders. In another he is a child on his last life at the arcade with no more quarters left. In another he is a cosmic entity that fights with unimaginable powers against horrors that seek to corrupt or stop The Universal Progress that must continue.

He is old and he is tired, but he fights. He has compassion for all life throughout the multiple realities. Others who encounter him imagine that perhaps the "absence" of a God in our world might be because of his concern for this one being who resides in this Nexus of Realities.

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