12 June 2011

Oh, What Things We Can Think! #5

Inspired by Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
Here is yet another peculiar thought to spur the use of yours...

Now imagine for a moment a world where the governments of powerful countries were always 40 years ahead in technology than the rest of society. It was done this way so that the world economy could be guided toward particular future scenarios. Advancements would be leaked slowly over time.

One day a leader of an eastern power had a profound vision where he was met by a being from another dimension. The being explained that by unleashing his nations full technological might, a never before seen era of unity among man would be under his command. A true one world civilization. After his experience the leader became a recluse. He was fixated on understanding his encounter and the ramifications of another world war. During the fourth week of deep reflection the leader made it so that the full 40 years of his nations secret technology would be put to use. His military would create powerful weapons to capture The Earth.

After a few years of development the leader executed a blitzkrieg across Europe. Ten thousand impenetrable Domes of Doom were released over the eastern hemisphere, incinerating everything in their path. The World's nations erupted in a panic, scrambling to develop some kind of defense. The United States and Great Britain having back engineered the technology from crashed Alien space craft deployed squadron after squadron of flying saucers in hope to repel the advancing forces. They were met in the air by the leaders own fleet of space craft over London, England.

The night skies were filled with Dizzying lights that defied conventional reality. Glowing trails of laser fire and colorful explosions peppered through the clouds.

( Satellite image )

In the fear of being overrun, China activated 27 nuclear satellite canons over Asia. Most of the continent was laid to waste under the misfire of such experimental weapons and the result left the atmosphere ablaze. Clouds seem to catch fire and rain down thick burning globs of yellow goop. The domes stayed their course toward the Atlantic without hesitation.

The surviving nations watched in grim amazement as droves of glowing UFOs fought in the heavens while an indestructible army swept over the World.

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