11 June 2011

Let me in this steam ship.

So technology, what it all means to us.  It must be important, its everywhere.  This is where Terrance mcKenna was wrong.  He was right on just about everything, except his environment method of psychedelics.  He said he does them alone, in the dark, in nature.  To truly relate to the times is to do them (psychedelics) in as far into technology as you can go.  For me this isn't easy all the time, but its what has to be done..
For the friggin best blog series on Terrance check this out http://www.plusultratech.com/2011/04/terrence-mckenna-novelty-theory-1998-1.html

The qualia of an AI+ would perhaps be relating to the quantum world.  As our qualia relates, and our "common" sense, is relatable to the classical view, of the large.  So image a conscious experience which is based in quantum "common" sense.  Communication may feel very alien.
9 to zero times better.

So, its so cool.  I'm always surfing on twitter when I'm writing these blogs.  Its such a cool place to chat on.  Follow me @jeremiahbilas  next blog up soon. In the mean time check out this video, some interesting thoughts.

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